Real-time Event Data

Market-moving factual information from public only sources using real-time search & extraction.

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Event Data

We offer the following market-moving event data:

  • Global Economic Indicators

  • U.S. Corporate Earnings

  • Same Store Sales & Guidance

  • Monthly Automotive Sales

  • U.S. Earnings Date Announcements

  • U.S. Dividends

  • EIA Energy Statistics

  • U.S. Earnings Pre-announcements

  • U.S. M&A Events

Deep Earnings

Selerity’s Deep Earnings is a real-time data feed of earnings results for U.S. listed companies derived directly from public corporate disclosure. Selerity’s data allows analysts and portfolio managers (PMs) to automatically populate their investment models in real-time, eliminating the burden of manual data entry.

Event Data
Real-time extraction of data from authoritative sources.

Auto-population of Models in Seconds
Eliminates manual data entry for analysts and PMs when companies print earnings.

Auto-generated Notifications to Drive Engagement
Market-moving event notifications to drive engagement for customer financial apps.

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Problems solved

Saves up to 2.5 hours per day of manual earnings data entry.

Allows PMs to immediately know performance relative to internal and Street estimates.

Allows for better allocation of resources during earnings season (post-earnings analysis, company communications, etc.).

Unique Features and Functionality

Automated delivery of U.S. equity earnings events within seconds, NOT hours or days.

20-40 financial and KPI metrics per company.

Dynamic coverage expansion based on reporting changes and client requests.

Unparalleled data accuracy.

Truly machine-readable event data delivery via JSON-API.

Integrated web-based event calendar.

Delivery Options

SeleritySync Web-based Viewer

Internet Data Feed

Direct Data Feed Via Co-location
Secaucus, NJ (NJ2), Washington, DC (DC1) & Aurora, IL (CME)

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